Our Mission

There’s an old saying that “Life is what happens when you’re not paying attention”. At the Lauper Team, our success comes from a passionate belief that we’re in the business of empowering our clients to “take up the reins” and make sound financial decisions that lead them to their dreams of the future.

Our first job is to work together to help clarify the goals and identify any potential obstacles. Second, we use our expertise in investment, tax, estate, education and retirement planning to create a financial plan, breaking it down into systematic steps and the optimum timeline for implementation.

Once the course is set, it’s our team’s responsibility to keep up with changing markets, economies and regulations so that our clients don’t have to. As key advisors, our goal is to ensure that each client is able to build and protect the capital they’ll need, even while “life happens” around them. It’s a simple promise and one that forms the very core of our business: We’re focused on wealth and committed to financial solutions for life.